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News 2004-09

September 30, 2004 FBI warns residents of Internet scams

September 30, 2004 Police, teachers charged in child porn bust

September 30, 2004 Phishing once more

September 29, 2004 Amazon, Microsoft team up against online fraud

September 29, 2004 How to combat spyware

September 29, 2004 Cyber terrorism - terrorism of future

As civilization more and more uses technologies, we should be sure that there is enough degree of control in order to protect those who use these technologies...

September 28, 2004 More-formidable phishing

September 28, 2004 Hackers: A JPEG Attack?

September 28, 2004 Marina del Rey man pleads guilty to federal computer crime

September 27, 2004 Quiet teen's terror plot stuns school

September 26, 2004 Tough new measures to fight child porn

September 26, 2004 Online fraud: 'phishing' trips on Internet on the rise

September 26, 2004 Hit 'n' trial: Railways detect cyber crime

September 25, 2004 The Internet has made it convenient for those who sexually exploit children

September 25, 2004 Burnaby man charged after major child porn bust

September 25, 2004 Piracy charges

September 24, 2004 A man admits hacking into computers of high tech company

September 23, 2004 The former employee of computer consulting firm pleads guilty to computer attack charge

September 22, 2004 Internet has become the most vulnerable ever

September 21, 2004 Pro-Chechen websites targeted

September 20, 2004 Lee man arrested on porn charges

September 20, 2004 A click away from a mugging

September 20, 2004 Computer Crimes Prevention

September 19, 2004 Cyber-nightmare

September 18, 2004 Hackers' warfare

September 18, 2004 DHS Follows Industry Lead on Cyber-Terror

September 18, 2004 Conference focuses on challenges of fighting cybercrime

September 17, 2004 Two men accused of using the Internet to lure two Texas teenagers

September 17, 2004 Copyright violation

September 16, 2004 Europe Council Looks to Fight Cybercrime

September 16, 2004 E-crime: call for a united front

September 16, 2004 Fighting terrorism propaganda on the Internet

September 15, 2004 Child porn on new computer?

September 15, 2004 Lodi fire captain arrested on rape, child porn charges

September 15, 2004 Conference turns up heat on cyber criminals

September 15, 2004 Brazil is Hackers Favourite

September 15, 2004 Sasser creator hangs on conviction

September 14, 2004 Reports of Internet fraud on rise in area

September 14, 2004 Ukraine: Security Service disclosed an unauthorized access to police data base

September 14, 2004 Wu vows to ensure criminal justice

September 13, 2004 Linux developers insist on high level security

September 13, 2004 Teacher Charged with Child Pornography

September 11, 2004 Russia: 80% of software is illegal

September 10, 2004 Computer Crime Against Kids Escalates

Less than 4% of rape cases are successfully prosecuted, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has told a discussion on computer crime...

September 10, 2004 Porn prevention on the Net

The Internet has appeared to be a convenient means of communication between paedophiles...

September 10, 2004 S.J. man arrested in child porn case

September 09, 2004 Local woman's dreams of wealth dashed by fraud

September 09, 2004 A hacker nabbed

September 08, 2004 John Ashcroft's Remarks on Operation Web Snare

September 08, 2004 A porn trap to steer clear of

September 08, 2004 One can get 15 years jail for hacking

September 07, 2004 Aspects of the suppression of cybercrime

September 06, 2004 Internet the new frontier in war on terror

September 06, 2004 Zambia set to pass cybercrime law

September 06, 2004 Australia to catch network paedophiles

September 04, 2004 Computer crimes: international prospects

September 02, 2004 26 Hostages Released at Russian School, but Standoff Goes On

September 02, 2004 Tech threats: the new front in the War on Terror

September 02, 2004 Dereham firms help tackle computer crime

The business community in a Norfolk town is helping police tackle computer crimes such as child pornography and online fraud...

September 02, 2004 Crime unit helps parents battle Internet predators

September 02, 2004 Attackers seize Russian school

September 02, 2004 Cybercrime is not limited by boundaries

September 01, 2004 Computer crime costs $1 billion to Microsoft

September 01, 2004 Former employee charged with computer hacking

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