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Child porn on new computer?

Date: September 15, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

A man says he bought a computer for his son only to find kiddie porn on the hard drove. The computer came from the Sam's Club on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle. The regional manager of the chain called police on September 2nd.

"Supposedly, an individual purchased the computer which had already been opened," explained Scott Moss with the Seattle Police Department.

"He took the computer home and while setting it up with his son, he found pictures of child pornography on the computer," he said.

The man reportedly took the computer back to the store and got his money back. A spokeswoman for the Sam's Club chain is apologizing to the family. "This is extremely unfortunate," said Joloneda Stewart, "we are very sorry that this family had to endure this. It is also an isolated incident and it's something that has never happened at a Sam's Club location previously." According to the police report, the clerk took the computer, taped it up and gave the man his money back.

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But there's a curious note. When the man brought the computer back, the son told the clerk -- not only did he see the photos -- but he recognized some of his classmates in them. The boy also said he might know who the suspect is. Certainly, we'll talk to the kid and interview him and find out if these are kids that can be identified and then we'll take it from there," said Moss. The big question still lingers, how did the pictures get onto the computer? Since it had been opened, it might have been a display model or it might have been returned by another customer.

The case has been assigned to the Seattle Police Department's special internet crimes against children task force. You can bet detectives will be scouring that hard drive.

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