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Computer Crime Research Center is always looking for researchers to be part of our organization.
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The Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC) is a non-profit, non-governmental and scientific research organization. We function on a voluntary basis.

The Computer Crime Research Center was created in 2001 to conduct research in legal criminal and criminological problems of cybercrime with the purpose to render scientific and methodical aid, consulting. We accumulate experience and perform analysis of results of scientific practical research in counteracting and preventing computer crimes.

We collaborate with The Security Engineering Research Center (SERC), Hannam University (Korea), The Zaporizhzhya National University "ZNU" (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) and other universities, institutes and research centers.

Well-known Ukrainian and foreign scientists, experts in fighting cybercrime also take part in CCRC's work on a voluntary basis.

The mission of the CCRC is to research and warn of unlawful acts involving computer and information technologies, including computer crimes, internet fraud and cyber terrorism. We conduct researches in fighting child pornography and pedophilia in the Internet.

We support domestic law enforcement, experts and partner organizations working on issues of fighting computer crimes. We also support foreign organizations working on computer crimes.

We conduct original criminological and legal research and compile international research on issues of computer crimes for the purpose of rendering assistance to legislators, scientific, law enforcement and information security professionals.

We conduct seminars, conferences and international symposia on cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism.

We train students and experts in the fields of prevention and investigation of illegal activities perpetrated through the use of information technology.

We issue scientific books, magazines and compilations of scientific works.

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Dr. Vladimir Golubev (Ukraine) - is Founder and Director of the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC), director Department of counteraction to cybercrime company "Cybersafetyunit" , a member of the Editorial Board of International Cyber Criminology Journal and He's a board member of International Anticybercrime Association in France. From 1974 to 2000 worked for law enforcement, he is a retired Colonel of police. Vladimir Golubev is one of the leading experts in the world with up to 15 years of expertise in cybercrime field. He regularly attends international forums and conferences, he is the author of 180 scientific works, 15 of which are books.

Denis Pankratov (Ukraine) - is the CCRC co-Founder .

Dr. Victor Sabadash (Ukraine) - is a Researcher of the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC). He is a senior lecturer at the faculty of criminal law and justice at the Zaporozhye State University. His Ph.D. thesis was entitled "Methods of investigating crimes related to corporate rights". The sphere of his research is perfecting ways and methods in investigating crimes of 'new age', economic crimes, and computer related crimes.

Dr., Professor Edward Ryzhkov(Ukraine) - is a Volunteer Researcher of the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC), law-enforcement officer, the major of police, the candidate of Law, the professor and the chief of faculty of preparation of operative structure on the prevention and investigation of crimes related to the computer networks at Donetsk Institute of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. His scientific directions are research activity on computer crimes prevention and investigation, research psychology, criminal investigation (strategic, tactical, technical, secret-service), law-enforcement activity in the field of information technologies. He is the author of more than 22 scientific works. He participates in the activity of scientific - practical seminars and conferences. In 2000 he was rewarded by the Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Volodymyr Ryabokon (Ukraine) - is a Volunteer Researcher of the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC). He is a chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union of Public Associations of Combatants, Anti-Terrorist Operations, Veterans of Military Service and Law Enforcement Bodies in the Zaporizhia Region "DEFENDER". His scientific activity is focused on studying problems of disclosing, investigating and preventing cybercrimes.

Dr. Mohamed Chawki(France ) - obtained an (LL.B) and a (BA) in 1998; an LL.M in 2000, Cairo University, Egypt; and a Ph.D. in cybercrime from the University of Lyon III in France (2006) which was followed by a three year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Aix-Marseille III. Doctor Chawki is a Senior Judge at the Council of State, Egypt (détaché auprès du Ministère de la Culture); the Founder and Chairman of the International Association of Cybercrime Prevention (AILCC) in Paris. An association of international IT experts and legal scholars specializing in Cyber law, privacy and security.

Dr. Sergii Kavun(Ukraine) - is a Volunteer Researcher of the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC). Dr. Sergii Kavun is a Volunteer Researcher of the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC), he is a Founder and CEO of the International Scientific Conference "International and Economic Security (INFECO)", Associated Professor in Kharkiv institute of banking of the University of banking of the NBU (Ukraine), Senior Researcher in Institute of Corporate Security Studies Center for Information Security (ICS CIS, Slovenia), also he is a member of boards of an organizing committee of some other International Conferences in area of security (,,,, he is the author of the more than 190 scientific publications, 18 of witch is the monographs, 2 patents, 20 textbooks.

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