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Computer Crime Research Center sponsorship combined with CCRC's web-based programs are designed to give your organization exposure and gain credibility with the CCRC subscriber base and web site visitors - exposure by getting your company name and web links in front of conferencing-savvy users and decision makers; and credibility by positioning your company as an active industry sponsor of the Computer Crime Research Center and, the recognized vehicles for providing non-biased information, editorial comment, and open forums about the rich media conferencing marketplace.

Sponsorship plan include sponsorship message placements for your company. The text 'sponsorship message' is displayed in the email that delivers each weekly on-line Crime-research news-letter. The actual text message is limited to 25 - 30 words and should contain a hypertext link to your web page. Graphics are not used because we cannot guarantee the user's email reader is html capable.

The message should be 'sponsorship' in nature (we reserve the right to edit) but we encourage a quick positioning statement followed by a promotion of your newsworthy or educational events such as 'see our latest product, technology, whitepaper, streaming talk,' or 'visit our web site', etc.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

The Computer Crime Research Center Staff.

Individuals and/or companies who are interested in sponsorship are
invited to contact us directly at sponsorship e-mail or use feedback form.

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