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Computer Crimes Prevention

Date: September 20, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

Planning of the prevention of crimes is the activity of the corresponding governmental bodies to elaborate and implement a system of measures aimed at creation and development of positive objective and subjective conditions that exclude or prevent any opportunity of the deviant behavior of people. The target of crime prevention is achieving or retaining trends of decline in crime and positive changes of its character, structure in the period being projected.

We believe that criminological projects, as an integral part of social-economic planning, could bring the best results in the sphere of the suppression of cybercrime. It is common knowledge that crime represents a multiple-factor social phenomenon, conditioned by the complex of social phenomena and processes. Therein, each phenomenon or process is not isolated and they are running as a whole. The compounds of interacting negative phenomena may refer to various fields of social activity. Accordingly, there should be a scientifically-grounded complex of social, economic, political, organizational, socio-psychological measures to correspond to the quantitative and qualitative variety of factors conditioning crimes. Therefore, the success of fighting crimes depends on solving the complex of social tasks.

The analysis of experience shows that the following are some general lacks negatively affecting the efficiency of planning of crime prevention:
- underestimation of danger to the modern society posed by computer crimes in developing and implementing economic, political, ideological and other general plans of actions;
- disorder in departmental, interdepartmental and criminological sections of social development plans, it leads to doubling and in the number of cases to irresponsibility during completion of plans of actions;
- absence of systematic control over implementation of measures under criminological section of the plan on the part of governmental and social organizations, whose rights and responsibilities are not regulated by legal norms;
- development of criminological sections of plans without preliminary (prior to plan) researches into cybercrime by way of simplification of ill-grounded measures concerning several sides of administrative bodies’ activity within one document;
- absence of legal norms to regulate the procedure of development, concordance and control over implementation of measures of criminological section of the plan.

Planning of pre-trial investigation determines a clear management of investigator’s activity. The collaboration with other police departments is one of the conditions to favour efficient investigation of crimes in the sphere of high technologies. Information on the event being investigated and its elements gives the main basis to plan the investigation. The specified information can be received from different sources (investigative activity and work).

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