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Hackers: A JPEG Attack?

Date: September 28, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Ludmila Goroshko

With security experts predicting a large-scale worm attack is only a matter of days away, Microsoft (Quote, Chart) has released a scanning tool to help users identify vulnerable versions of the GDI libraries that handle JPEG processing.

The Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool (available for download here) helps detect the presence of non-Windows Microsoft products that contain the GDI+ component and determines whether a security fix should be applied.

The scanning tool was released along with the MS04-028 patch, which plugs a "critical" flaw in the way JPEG image files are processed.

"Several non-Microsoft programs include versions of GDI libraries, which are vulnerable to exploitation. Using this tool, you can identify programs which may be vulnerable, and attempt to obtain updates from the software developer," the center said.

The ISC said it is continuing to detect several exploits taking advantage of the JPEG GDI vulnerability and warned that a "rapid development of additional exploits" could be expected over the next few days.

The proof-of-concept exploits started circulating a mere eight days after Microsoft released a patch, confirming fears that malicious hackers are constantly reducing the time it takes to exploit known security holes.

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