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Computer crime costs $1 billion to Microsoft

Date: September 01, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Microsoft Corp. are to spend $1bn more on the improvements of Windows OS protection from hackers, viruses and internet scammers. The website of the Independent newspaper says that Bill Gates' company offers to get a free update, so that more people could download and install it.

Though, as was informed by, these updates are incompatible with the pirate copies of the system, so only true license owners can get protected.

Microsoft have spent $300mn only on the distribution of the update. The second Service Pack (sp2) for OS Windows XP is 200 Mb, it can be obtained on CD-ROMs attached to computer magazines or by request.

Although, the supposed total costs caused by SP2 issuance reach 1 billion of USD. This sum includes expenses on creation of the additional software and the delay of a new Windows version Longhorn release, which is postponed to the late 2006.

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