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E-crime: call for a united front

Date: September 16, 2004
Source: THE AGE
By: Adam Turner

Cyber criminals could be slipping through the fingers of investigators due to a lack of co-operation between police and corporate cyber sleuths, warns an e-crime researcher.

Quick police access to privately owned infrastructure in order to chase online felons is just one issue still to be resolved, says Shane McKenzie.

A University of Melbourne criminology lecturer, McKenzie is writing his PhD on e-crime investigative partnerships between the private sector and law enforcement.

"A lack of co-operation between the sectors can actually mean loss of evidence or a dead-end for your investigation," he says.

"The private sector and law enforcement are both saying, 'we have to work together in partnership', but what does that mean and what are the implications of that?

"Do we need new laws to deal with how these investigators work together? Do we need changes in laws so that companies are able to collect data in the off-chance of a crime occurring in the future - these are some of the issues I'm examining."

McKenzie has been preparing his research for two years, working closely with Victoria Police's major fraud investigation division and computer crime squad.

He is also a lecturer in the new graduate certificate in e-crime investigation, taught jointly by Melbourne University Private and Victoria Police.
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