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Amazon, Microsoft team up against online fraud

Date: September 29, 2004
Source: Xinhuanet, the world's largest online retailer, and Microsoft, the world's largest software developer, announced Tuesday the filing of several lawsuits against phishers and spammers.

The lawsuits focused phishers and spammers who targeted consumers by spoofing's domain name and perpetrating phishing scams with spoofed Web sites, Microsoft said. and Microsoft filed a joint federal lawsuit against a Canadian spamming operation allegedly responsible for sending millions of deceptive e-mail messages, including e-mail forgeries falsely purporting to have come from, and other domains.

The suit, filed in the US District Court in Seattle, alleges that Gold Disk Canada Inc., located in Kitchener, Ontario, along with co-defendants including Barry Head and his two sons, Eric andMatthew, mounted illegal and deceptive spamming campaigns that have misused Microsoft's MSN Hotmail services and forged the name of and Microsoft have teamed up in an attempt to eliminate e-mail scams that affect Internet users worldwide, including customers of both companies.

The two companies have worked together to identify the architects of these schemes, and are collaborating to test possible technical solutions that would make it more difficult to deliver fraudulent and deceptive e-mail to consumers.

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