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The Internet has made it convenient for those who sexually exploit children

Date: September 25, 2004
Source: The Tullahoma News

They don't even have to leave the privacy of their homes to go looking for the smut they de-sire.

But, child predators who sexually exploit children should beware. They should beware, because cybercrime law enforcement agents "have their number," and classes are being taught on how to "catch" these exploiters of innocent children.

So those who think they are safe in child pornography chat rooms should think again. Un-dercover agents are skilled in disguising themselves and they know how to talk the lewd talk common to such perpetrators.

Protect your children online now!

So if you're brave or delu-sional enough to enter these chat rooms, don't be surprised when a law enforcement offi-cer shows up at your door with handcuffs and takes you to jail, where you can no longer victimize children who cannot defend themselves - children who have placed complete trust in you as an adult, some-one they should be safe with. They can trace your com-puter's IP address - every computer has one - and sub-poena the records of your Internet provider, thereby linking the account to you.

You should also know that perpetrators of these felony crimes can spend as much as 18 years in a federal peniten-tiary, in a less than rosy envi-ronment. And even prisoners don't take too kindly to those who victimize children.

What happens to you in that prison will likely make you wish you had never gone down the path you chose and the morbid pleasure you derived from your evil acts will not be worth the agony and shame you will endure there, if you survive.

Many sexual abuse victims say they are never completely cured.

There is no magic potion to take away the pain. What re-mains is a young innocent life destroyed by your acts.

Now every community, big and small, have the tools available to stop you.

Efforts to separate these predators and their evil acts from our society should be supported by each of us.

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