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July 2003
  1. The Internet: five basic directions of legal regulation
  2. Report warns U.S. not ready for 9-11 repeat
  3. Man pleads guilty in internet securities fraud case
  4. Anti-Terrorism
  5. Legal protection of software in Ukraine
  6. Computer crime centre launched
  7. Cybercrime centre open for business
  8. US warns of hacker attacks
  9. Government, industry warn of mass hacker attacks on July 6
  10. Gates says personal privacy compatible with better security
  11. Cyberterrorism in Today's World
  12. Cybercrimes: "K" Department informs...
  13. Hackers challenge 'could be hoax'
  14. Competition, fraud may harm eBay
  15. Ukraine: Information security is a matter of national consequence
  16. Microsoft pushes "trusted computing"
  17. Man jailed for child porn offences
  18. Identity theft a $100-billion industry
  19. Russia: Information technologies and the prospects of development
  20. Hacking Competition Gets Hacked
  21. Two Auburn sisters charged in identity theft
  22. Frauds find easy pickings
  23. Cyber crime rampant
  24. Cybercrime impact world economics
  25. Most businesses are hurt by cybercrime
  26. Can hack any computer anywhere, claims techie
  27. Tale of a 'terrorist treasure map'
  28. FBI training FIA officers on cyber crime
  29. Australian business rates high on fraud hit list
  30. Police work to stay on top of 'Net scams'
  31. Ukraine Police and Interpol declare war to child porn
  32. Cyber pirates hack into Barisal DC office Internet account
  33. A Security State of Mind
  34. Dire shortage of security experts spurs gov't to help IT training
  35. Cyber crime is a threat to national security
  36. Internet: hackers' activity grows
  37. Cybercrime as stealthy as a cat burglar
  38. 'Spoofing' uses e-mail for rip-offs
  39. Disk clone tells all on Bali suspect
  40. ECONOMIC CRIME SURVEY: Asia-Pacific firms suffer major losses
  41. US vendors can't wait for homeland security
  42. Freedom of speech in the Internet
  43. Ukrainian Anti-virus Center: The Results of Virus Activity
  44. Cybercrime investigators plead for extensive powers
  45. Fourteen Britons held over shares scam in Cambodia
  46. Cyber Stranger Danger
  47. Cyberpolice vs. Cybercrime
  48. Computer crimes is atonement for progress
  49. Prison for computer blackmail
  50. Strengthening international Law Enforcement cooperation to prosecute cyber criminals, hackers and virus authors
  51. Terrorist groups supervise sale of piracy CDs
  52. Mobiles 'option for child-sex crimes'
  53. Credit card 'skimming' costing banks millions
  54. Fighting Cybercrime
  55. Setup improves cybercrime unit's efficiency
  56. Internet investigators crack down on cyber-crime
  57. Police seek more cyber muscle
  58. Network Intrusion
  59. Police target free email
  60. Cyberterrorism - the new side of terrorism
  61. How were $ 4 million stolen with the help of computer?
  62. FBI warns about bogus sites collecting personal data
  63. US - "a target number one" for cyberterrorists
  64. FBI teams locally to fight cyber crime
  65. Internet and Cybercrime
  66. Crime busters have a new ache
  67. IT security experts warns...
  68. Cybercrime wave
  69. Defense Department lacks data on cyberterror threat
  70. The Russian hacker Alexey Ivanov is sentenced to four years of imprisonment
  71. Japan cancels national hacking contest
  72. Chinese hackers arm with "hole" in Windows
  73. International Seminar "Fighting Computer Crime"
  74. I'm working for the FBI, claims accused hacker
  75. Predators' chatroom trap for teens
  76. This is cyber-crime, not just an act of hacking

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