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Ukraine: protection of information is a national importance business

Date: July 06, 2003
By Vladimir Golubev

Stop Cybercrimes Today information leakage can cause large losses of an economic and political character. Crimes committed in the automated systems of banking and commercial structures have gained in especially wide scope. According to foreign experts, their material damage inflicted by computer crimes is ranged from $170 million up to 41 billion a year. Therefore the information protecting system should be adequate to potential threats. The property right to information includes three elements: the disposal, right of possession, right of user. The law should specify the liability and powers of property right subjects and regulate relations between them. Ukraine should protect its national interests in the information sphere by developing and realizing the appropriate uniform politics^; balancing a need for free information exchange and allowable restrictions on its distribution^; improving its laws on information security^; coordinating activities of corresponding State bodies^; protecting national information resources at the defensive enterprises^; developing home telecommunication and information means^; developing new information technologies^; unifying means of searching, collecting, storing, processing and analyzing information to join the global information infrastructure.

The analysis of laws regulating public information relations in Ukraine allows asserting that the government also takes necessary steps against computer crimes alongside with measures to stimulate the development of infrastructure on the basis of the latest technologies. Ukraine should realize its information protecting policy by:

- Developing corresponding normative and legal documents^;
- Establishing the type of domestic hardware and basic software intended for processing information with a limited access^;
- Creating the certification system of information protecting home and foreign technical means^;
- Improving the system of training information protecting experts.

Computer Crime Research Center

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