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Cybercrime impact world economics

Timofey Saytarly
Date: July 09, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime Cyber crime cause damage to global economics in billions dollars and many experts think that it is a promptly increasing threat for national security and social well-being.

USA is a leader in quantity of cyberattacks and makes 35,4 % of cyberattacks in the world. South Korea takes the 2-nd place - 12,8%^; China - 6,9 %^; Germany - 6,7 %^; France - 4 %. The Great Britain takes the 10-th place - 2,2 %.

As to level of cyberattacks, (the quantity of cyberattacks for 1000 Internet-users) South Korea takes the first place and makes 23,7 % . Poland is the second in the list - 18,4 %^; Czechia - 14,2 %^; France -14,2 % and Taiwan takes the fifth place - 14 %.

Russia and Ukraine are in the five of the countries with the highest level of computer piracy. For last five years Russia has a prompt growth of computer crime - from 33 crimes in 1997 up to 3700 in 2002.

Russian Penal Code provides three articles for computer crimes: article 272 - "Illegal access to the computer information"^; article 273 - "Creation, the use and distribution of the malicious codes"^; article 274 - "Infringement of computer's and computer network's (computer system's) operational rules".

The statistics of arraignment of the persons under these articles during the period 1996-2002 is the following:

- Article 272 of Russian Penal Code (Illegal access to the computer information) - 473 persons^;

- Article 273 of Russian Penal Code (Creation, the use and distribution of the malicious codes) - 187 persons^;

- Article 274 of Russian Penal Code (Infringement of computer's and computer network's (computer system's) operational rules) - 5 persons. In opinion of the experts, the resulted statistics does not reflect a real state of affairs owing to high latency of computer crimes and imperfection of the legislation.

Computer Crime Research Center

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