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Man jailed for child porn offences

Source: Evening News 24
Date: July 06, 2003

Stop Child Porn A man who looked at photographs of men having sex with toddlers was today starting a six-month jail sentence.

Fire alarm installer Alistair Menzies was also placed on the sex offenders' register for seven years and ordered to pay ?800 prosecution costs and defence costs of up to ?1,000.

Menzies, 34, of Church Street, Bawburgh admitted 14 offences of making indecent images of children.

Norwich Crown Court heard yesterday that Menzies, who was caught in the Operation Ore investigation, was tracked down because he used a credit card to access child pornography on the internet.

Passing sentence, Judge Peter Jacobs said: "It is sad to see people of your position standing in the dock because you are of good character in employment and have a partner who is standing by you.

But that was usually the case and some of the images showed men committing serious illegal acts against children.

The child victims could be affected for the rest of their lives, sometimes getting involved in crime and other disruptive behaviour."

"People should not be creating a market for such criminal offences," said the judge.

Prosecutor Christopher Morgan said Menzies had used a credit card to access an internet site which gave access to different pornographic sites.

As part of the Operation Ore investigation, police went to his home last December, seizing and examining two computers.

A total of 139 indecent images of children was found on a computer hard drive and floppy disk. Some of these photographs were of youngsters in provocative poses and others showed men having sex with very young children.

"A number of images showed penetration of females who on any view are very young and could be described as toddlers."

The examination showed a "sophisticated washing programme" had been used to delete some material.

One of the defendant's passwords was alarm, a reference to his occupation, added Mr Morgan.

Michael Clare, for Menzies, said he initially accessed adult pornography but then developed an interest in child pornography. "Then he became bored with it," said Mr Clare. The "washing" was of the type that could be done using inexpensive products available in high street stores, he added.

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