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Computer crimes is atonement for progress

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: July 17, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime Enhancement of Internet makes a society vulnerable before threat of cybercrime. Economic losses from computer crimes are equal to advantages received from computers in practice, and social and moral losses are inestimable at all. According to FBI, the quantity of cyber crimes doubled in 1999 (1154 cases) in comparison with 1998 (547 cases). The losses from crimes related to computers makes $ 3,5 billion an year and increases for 35 % annually, on average one computer crime makes $560 000 of losses.

According to German experts the annual loss from the crimes related to computers makes about 35 billion Euro. And the quantity of cybercrimes increases sharply every year.

As for France, the growth in quantity of cyber incidents since 1990 is shown as following: 33 cases - in 1991, 40 cases - in 1992, 58 cases - in 1993. The tendency of growth in such crimes constantly increases. The quantity of cybercrimes in France increases annually for 30-40 %. Losses from cyber crime in this country makes near 500 000 Euro an year.

Computer Crime Research Center

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