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Terrorist groups supervise sale of piracy CDs

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: July 18, 2003

Al-Qaeda "Al-Qaeda" and other known terrorist groupings supervise a sizeable part of global production of the counterfeit goods: from clothes under the leading trade mark to piracy video- and audio-disks.

According to Boston Globe referring to "Interpol", the circulation of such "businesses" makes $400-$450 billion an year. The essential part of the profit is spent on financing the terrorist actions. Thus, incomes from sale of counterfeit cigarettes and CDs in Northern Ireland are directed to financing the Palestinian grouping "Heizbolla"

However, "Interpol" has no exact information on percent from sale proceeds designed for terrorists directly. According to agency head Ronald Nobel, experts are engaged in finding-out of relations between "Al-Qaeda" and market of forgeries.

Having arrested some of terrorists' leaders, agents found tons of the counterfeit goods.

Computer Crime Research Center

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