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How to steal $ 4 million with the help of computer?

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: July 22, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime To steal $ 4 million the author of this action has needed brains and computer. A certain A. Busygin (for the understandable reasons we do not name true name of the hero and the name of known Ukrainian bank) had a huge sum - about $ 4 million before arrest. To tell the truth, he possessed this wealth only one month. He failed three days to stay millionaire for ever. The talented young man has plundered one of the largest Ukrainian banks.

He became free on amnesty after 4 years of imprisonment instead of 6 years. Busygin worked in bank in a department of internal relations before the arrest. It was some kind of a reloading point transfering money from 26 bank abroad.

Imperfection of legislation and computer's advantages have suggested an idea of crime. "It was not a mature idea. It was an impulse, game, - the former millionaire tells. - I have simply found, how much money it is possible to receive, having forged the bank document ".

The essence of operation was the following. Busygin withdrew the document with large sum of transfering money, and made a copy directing money to the bills of his foreign firm.

"I chose those statements, - Busygin tells, - which had large sums". So, he transfered $ 3 950 000 to Holland. The loss was found a month later. A course of non-cash money have been tracked, and the bank has addressed to Amsterdam to block the money.

So Busygin has ceased to be the millionaire.

Computer Crime Research Center

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