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IT security experts warns...

By Vladimir Golubev
Date: July 24, 2003

Stop Cyber Crime The analysis of computer crimes, which was carried out by experts of the Computer Crime Research Center, allows to draw a conclusion that number of computer crimes in Ukraine tend to constant increase. So, on November, 16-20, 2001 computer network of General Office "Ukrtelecom" was attacked. More than 700 computers and tens of servers have been desturbed. Attack has resulted to disconnect of computers from the Internet, and corporate email was deactivated. The losses from attack has made more than $ 1 billion Ukrainian Hrivnas.

There are criminals cases related to financial and bank system. The number of computer crimes in Ukraine grows in 2-3 times annually. According to High Tech Crime Unit at the Ministry of Internal Affairs 681 cyber crimes have been investigated in 2002. Tens millions dollars are illegally removed in a few minutes to off-shore bank. $ 2,6 billion were transfered to Cyprus in 2002.

According to experts of National bank of Ukraine, 1 in 3 Ukrainian banks is problem. The banking system has turned to the main part in a system of money laundering. 367 banks' employees are made answerable for malfeasance^; 54 of them are heads of banks.

Under forecasts of leading experts in sphere of information security, it expected a prompt increase of cybercrimes. So, according to Gartner Company, economic losses from cybercrimes will increase in 10-100 times by the end of 2004. Such state of affairs induces governments to take corresponding measures, as legislative and organizational. In particular, US government has recently passed New Strategy on information systems protection (the advance appropriations make about $ 60 billion)^; the Council of Europe develops the special Committee - «Information Security Agency».

Ukraine should also make corresponding steps to provide information security, which is critical component of national security.

Computer Crime Research Center

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