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Cybercrimes: "C" Department informs...

Date: July 05, 2003
By Vladimir Golubev

Stop Cybercrimes Andrew Tshetilov from "K" Department, Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, has presented new figures on the growth of computer crimes in Russia. Against hi-tech crimes they make about 85 % at 80 % of latency.
When compared with almost 6 thousand cases fixed last year, early 2003 almost 3 thousand ones were registered. Character of crimes is ranged from non-authorized access and interception of information to intrusion into electronic payment systems and attacks against information resources. The USA and Western countries were concerned about IT-Security risks threatening the economic safety. Russia and Ukraine have also come across this problem resulted form the growth of a national IT-Security market exceeding western one by 1.5 times, its global character, investing potential, susceptibility to new technologies of large industrial companies.

Computer Crime Research Center

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