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Legal protection of software in Ukraine

Date: July 02, 2003
By Vladimir Golubev

Stop Cyber Crime Today Ukraine should protect computer programs not only with copyright norms but also with other legal ones. However, it is necessary to determine who should be protected: “end user” (copyright norms) or “software manufacturer” (both copyright and patent right norms). For example, the USA and Japan apply such a system of legal protection to develop their software. Most European countries do not employ norms of patent right to shield software but there are some facts of their indirect use in the legal practice.

The development of national IT industry can help reforming the system of software legal protection. On the one hand, relationships connected with manufacture, distribution and application will result in creating an effective system of software legal protection and on the other hand, they will polish it. This process should be launched by the State decision to back the development of national computer programs.

The licensed computer programs required for State establishments are more expensive than production costs. Therefore, software should be free of charge for them and freely used by any subject of economic activities in Ukraine.

Computer Crime Research Center

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