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Computer crime centre launched

Source: News.Com.Au
Date: July 02, 2003

Stop Cyberterrorism A NEW computer crime centre will help police across Australia catch hackers and other high-tech criminals. The Australian High Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC) was officially launched today at a meeting of Australian police ministers in Melbourne. AHTCC chairman, South Australian Police chief commissioner Mal Hyde, said the Canberra-based centre would co-ordinate national efforts to combat computer crime. Mr Hyde said high-tech crime was becoming a serious problem nation-wide as criminals became more sophisticated in their use of technology. "Just like any organisation who wants to improve their success, criminals use the technology to improve their success as well," he told reporters.
"They are in the business of crime, and many of them do run it as a business."

He said the centre would investigate crimes committed with or against computers, such as hacking, as well as traditional crimes committed with the help of computers, such as fraud and drug trafficking.
The centre currently has 13 staff, and a budget of about $4 million this year.
Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison said the facility would play a crucial role in Australian law enforcement.

"Some 43 per cent of government and private organisations have been the victim of some sort of computer attack, and that gives you an idea of the importance of this area," he said.

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