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News 2004-11

November 30, 2004 SCO website hacked twice with erroneous mention of Microsoft

November 30, 2004 Cybercrime - together we can defeat it

November 30, 2004 Tulsa Police Cybercrime Tip – Football Ticket Scams

November 29, 2004 Online Identity Theft: Many Medicines, No Cure

Anti-phishing applications, smart cards, and new authentication technologies are vying for your support.

November 29, 2004 Many becoming victims of Internet fraud

November 28, 2004 Warning on rising bank account fraud

November 25, 2004 Child Porn: Special Needs Teacher Spared Jail

November 24, 2004 Growth of radicalism within Open Source - SCO under attack again

November 24, 2004 Former Police Chief Faces Jail over Child Porn

November 23, 2004 Better hackers behind attack boom: Verisign

November 22, 2004 Identity Theft Scams Persist: Shred Your Data

November 22, 2004 Priest gets 30-month term in kiddie porn

November 21, 2004 Child porn scandal: net bursts

November 20, 2004 Richard Clarke on Cyberterrorism and Iraq

November 20, 2004 Plastic Card Fraud: Increase in Russia

November 20, 2004 Microsoft's answer to phishing: Two IDs

November 19, 2004 U.S. attorney charges 15 Kansans in child pornography cases

November 19, 2004 Security Incidents and Cyber-Crime

November 18, 2004 ID Theft/Credit Card Protections

November 18, 2004 Trojan steals banking information

November 17, 2004 SBC Unresponsive to, Identity Theft, Internet Fraud, Complaints

November 17, 2004 Internet fraud scares off seniors

November 16, 2004 Crusty security no protection at all

November 16, 2004 Panel Discusses Threat of Cyberterrorism at Workshop

November 16, 2004 Russia - the second child porn manufacturer

November 15, 2004 Prove your identity for surfing in cyber cafes

November 14, 2004 Identity check made compulsory in Karnataka cyber cafes

November 14, 2004 Israel spearheads drive to open the information society to all

November 13, 2004 Terrorism ; Cyber crime tools could serve terrorists: FBI

November 12, 2004 ''Break In'': the hackers' weapon

November 12, 2004 FBI: Hidden threat inside cybercrime

November 11, 2004 War on cybercrime against kids widens

November 11, 2004 Digital Media – the most vulnerable for illegal information access

November 10, 2004 New online fraud scare

November 10, 2004 Child-porn images found on priest's computer

November 10, 2004 Online companies facing huge losses in battling Web extortion

November 09, 2004 Report: A Misplaced Sense of Security?

November 09, 2004 Stolen source codes for selling

November 08, 2004 Cyber laboratory on the anvil

November 08, 2004 Web's prowling predators

November 06, 2004 Security breach at Cahoot bank

November 06, 2004 New kind of the Internet fraud represented by Russians

Russian “spammers” represented new kind of Internet fraud.

November 05, 2004 Haven for Hackers

South Korea has the highest percentage of broadband Internet users in the world. Yet, the country’s cybersecurity record is one of the world’s worst.

November 05, 2004 FBI Pursuing More Cyber-Crime Cases

A former technology company executive charged with hiring hackers to attack a competitor's Web site has joined the FBI's most-wanted list, the latest sign of the federal law enforcement agency's growing interest in cyber-crime.

November 04, 2004 Zombie networks fuel cybercrime

IN JUNE, the websites of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft disappeared for hours when their servers were swamped with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous webpage requests that they couldn't possibly service.

November 04, 2004 Two Traffic Police officers became heroes of porno-story through the student's fault

The student pleaded guilty in “Contempt of public agent” and “Illegal distribution of pornography”

November 04, 2004 Phishers recruiting money mules

Phishers are recruiting money laundering "mules" in the UK with "make-money-at-home" offers tendered via email, said a security firm this week.

November 03, 2004 Parents face porn claim risk, says MP

PARENTS sending family pictures over the Internet could be accused of child pornography under planned new laws, the State Government has been warned.

November 03, 2004 Secret Service Busts Internet Organized Crime Ring

Feds allege 1.7 million stolen credit card numbers were involved in global scam.

November 03, 2004 United Nations working group to tackle spam, cyber-crime

More than 250 experts wrapped up two days of talks in Geneva on the creation of a United Nations working group which could deal with spam, cyber-crime and other Internet-related problems.

November 02, 2004 Online paedophile crackdown urged

Children's charities are launching a joint campaign with the police to call for more resources to tackle internet paedophiles.

November 02, 2004 Illegal Internet Access – the Most Popular Internet Crime in Russia

According to local law enforcements, the personal data theft and passwords for illegal Internet access became the most popular cyber crime in Russia

November 01, 2004 $9000 lost in internet scam

A woman lost $9000 in an internet banking scam at Port Macquarie last week.

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