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''Break In'': the hackers' weapon

Date: November 12, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Hackers become more dangerous when joining into groups. They can shut down not only separate web-sites, but the whole Internet zones.

The organized criminal communities frequently use Internet for committing fraud actions in banking and financial system, and e-commerce. Experts say hackers commit more complex and intricate attacks not for the fun, but for profit. This year the most attacked web-site were e-commerce sites – 16% attacks.

Criminals often use spy-ware for receiving access to personal information of the users. Extortions related to registration of domain names congruous to the names of well-known companies and persons become more popular as well.

Is it legal to use the same methods in fighting cybercrime? Some people believe that “any means are acceptable in the war”. However civilized society can not use illegal means in fighting crimes, it will place us in the same line with criminals.

Problem of fighting cyber crime stimulated mane countries to revise own legislation. So, the priority scientific task is joining efforts of many countries to research problem of counteracting to cybercrime and cyber terrorism.

Cyber crime has different classification in the criminal legislation of different countries.

There are three groups of criminalization cyber crimes.

The first group: illegal access to computer systems, distribution of computer viruses, illegal use of computer systems and information (Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Philippines, South Korea, Russia, and other).

The second group of computer crimes: actions related to causing damage to the property and electronic information process (Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, and Japan).

The third group: actions related not only to property damage but to violation of individual rights, threat to national security, etc. (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands).

A lot of computer crimes stay out of the punishment in many countries, among them: blocking work of computer systems, spam, illegal use and distribution of computer information, web-sites shut-down, etc.

However, many countries work hard on improvement of the legislation providing cyber crime fighting.

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2004-11-13 09:51:35 - Naming hackers as criminals is insane.... Rott_En
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