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$9000 lost in internet scam

Date: November 01, 2004
Source: Port Macquarie News

A woman lost $9000 in an internet banking scam at Port Macquarie last week.

Police told the News the victim received an email last Monday claiming to be her bank and asking for confirmation of her details.

The woman replied to the email and in the space of three hours three instalments of money were allegedly taken from her account.

The withdrawals were for $4000, $2000 and $3000.

Investigations are continuing but the complaint has prompted serious caution from local police.

Senior Constable Jason Bentley said statewide internet fraud was not uncommon.

"Under no circumstances should you respond to an email asking you to provide conformation of identification and passwords," he warned.

"And, wherever you access internet banking, do it manually, not through a web address link in an email."

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