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War on cybercrime against kids widens

Date: November 11, 2004
Source: CANOE

OTTAWA -- Ontario's fight against Internet crimes that target children got a boost of up to $5 million yesterday. Monte Kwinter, Ontario minister of community safety and correctional services, announced the additional spending at a YM-YWCA in downtown Ottawa as part of Crime Prevention Week.

Ontario Provincial Police and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police will devise a strategy before the end of the year outlining what is needed to combat Internet crimes against kids.

The Ottawa police service, which has had a high-tech crime unit since 1998, will play a role in the development of the strategy.

Ottawa police Chief Vince Bevan said educating the public about the dangers of cyberspace is vital to breaking the cycle of Internet crimes committed against children.

The province announced in June it would invest $1 million in additional annual funding in provincial police efforts in fighting child pornography.

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