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SCO website hacked twice with erroneous mention of Microsoft

Date: November 30, 2004
Source: mi2g Intelligence Unit

After last week's DDoS attack on the SCO web site reported by the mi2g Intelligence Unit, this week their internet presence has been compromised twice through subtle vandalism. The attacks began over the long weekend in the US and were first noticed by SCO on Sunday. In one instance, the usual SCO logo was modified to contain the words: " We own all your code pay us all your money." Followed by "hacked by realloc()."

The mirror can be accessed via Zone-H at:

In another defacement, hackers inserted "SCO vs World" at the top of one of the site's pages. The vandalised text went on to state that SCO had discovered "parts of our code in almost all Microsoft(R) software. We want to bring an action against Microsoft(R) and our legal department is working on that."

The mirror can be accessed via Zone-H at:

Unconfirmed rumours are suggesting that the site might have been defaced using a bug in a PHP script, usually part of an Open Source web server architecture. The defacement shows a message that appears to link back to the SCO versus IBM court case, where SCO claimed certain rights over specific parts of the Linux kernel...

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