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Illegal Internet Access – the Most Popular Internet Crime in Russia

Date: November 02, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

For 10 months 2004 Kurganski Branch Joint Stock Company "UralSviazInform” received 21 complaints from Internet users about the fact of queerly quick spending prepaid Internet services. After verification 14 complaints were reported to the police where criminal investigation was initiated.

According to local law enforcements, the personal data theft and passwords for illegal Internet access became the most popular cyber crime in Russia, at that number of such incidents steadily increase.

According to the local police department in Kurgansk (Ural, Russian Federation) there were initiated 272 criminal cases on “Illegal Access to computer Information” and 273 criminal cases on “Development, use and distribution of malicious computer programs”.

Illegal Internet access is usually committed with use of others personal data. Offenders receive passwords for Internet access in different ways. The most popular way is disclosure own personal information by users. Sometimes offenders find out passwords by the way of direct access to victimized PC.

So, Internet security experts recommend observing several simple rules:
1. Use only one telephone number at dial-up connection
2. Do mot open executive files and Office documents attached in e-mails, ICQ, etc, postec my unknown persons.
3. Do not save your password when configuring dial-up connection.
4. Check your Internet access statistic at ISP.

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