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Digital Media – the most vulnerable for illegal information access

Date: November 11, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Victor Sabadash

70-80% of the information about a certain object can be received legally by use open sources: magazines, newspapers and the Internet.
However, other methods of the information collection are required, typically, they are illegal and classified as “Industrial Espionage”. As a rule, it means collecting registered, classified information and the illegal intrusion into privacy of correspondence.

Digital Media is the most vulnerable channel of illegal information access
According to the experts, 90% users have no computer system protection.

The most dangerous incident is identities or data theft.

The companies’ financial losses caused by cyber crime make billions US dollars. The growth in financial damage is stimulated not by increasing cyber attacks, but by the widening in use advantaged technologies in business.

Acting in the conditions of strong competitions, companies have to move up own business communications into the Internet, that makes them more vulnerable before cyber crime.

Therefore, successful counteracting to cyber crime is possible under the condition of close cooperation between law enforcements, public organizations, government, private sector and businesses.
Most incidents are revealed in the result of cooperation between law enforcements and ISPs, telecommunication agencies. However, a lot of companies do not want to give publicity for the incidents, because it can breathe on the company’s reputation.

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