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News 2004-08

August 31, 2004 Cybercrime crackdown

Two U.S. Justice Department operations have resulted in more than 150 arrests involving computer crimes...

August 31, 2004 International Scientific and Practical Cyber Crime Conference 2005

August 31, 2004 Greatest Web-crime sweep

August 30, 2004 4th Annual conference of the European Society of Criminology

4th Annual conference of the European Society of Criminology...

August 30, 2004 FBI/CSI 2004 cybercrime report

August 30, 2004 Agency cyberattack training backfires

August 30, 2004 Cybercrime crackdown

August 30, 2004 Top copyright violators

August 28, 2004 The first new program to Combat Child Pornography

P2P PATROL to Combat Child Pornography...

August 27, 2004 Philadelphia priest to plead guilty to possessing child pornography

August 26, 2004 Viruses as tools of data theft

August 25, 2004 Man gets 10 years for downloading child pornography

August 24, 2004 Al Qaeda reforms its terrorist structures

August 24, 2004 Real threats of the virtual world

August 23, 2004 Detective fights online crime

Armed with a computer, Byrd chases international crime scams from his desk at the Grand Prairie Police Department...

August 23, 2004 5 ways to steer clear of online crime

All he needs from you is a little money to grease the wheels of government...

August 23, 2004 Ukraine: a scammer detained

Ukraine - Law enforcement officers detained a man, 31, who has appropriated about 40,000 UAH ($9,000) using computer facilities and financial documents for several months...

August 21, 2004 Singapore to implement national anti-terrorism strategy

August 20, 2004 Should your provider block access to websites containing child porn?

Computer Crime Research Center has recently carried out an online poll of English speaking and Russian speaking audience asking, "Should your ISP block access to child porn websites?"...

August 19, 2004 Milford man facing child pornography charges

A Milford man who has been serving a child pornography conviction in Florida is back in the state to face similar charges...

August 19, 2004 Punishment fails to fit the cybercrime

Why does creating a virus carry lighter penalties than marijuana offences...

August 19, 2004 SMS spoofing

August 18, 2004 Paroled molester charged of having sex with dozens of girls

August 18, 2004 Computer information in banks is exposed to infringement

August 17, 2004 Australian fined for child porn

August 17, 2004 Stealing password? What could be easier?

August 17, 2004 Arkansas center will train in cyberterrorism

August 16, 2004 Pittsburgh man charged with child pornography

August 16, 2004 Sex offender provides leads in child porn ring inquiry

August 16, 2004 Fake FBI guy arrested by real deal

August 14, 2004 Accused Internet Predator is a Former Teacher

August 13, 2004 South Brunswick girl falls prey to online predator

August 13, 2004 Ukrainian child porn ring

In the centre of Kiev, Ukraine, a porn studio disguised as a child model agency has been acting during several years...

August 12, 2004 Information War

August 12, 2004 Six Man Indicted On Computer Crime Charges

August 11, 2004 Computer crime hits taxes

In Russia, one of the registered forms of computer crimes purposing to evade taxes is the use of computers to interfere with pool memory of electronic cashier sales registers installed at shops...

August 10, 2004 Ukraine violates copyright

August 10, 2004 Volunteer youth coach charged with possession of child pornography

August 09, 2004 Teenager facing child pornography charges

August 09, 2004 Governmental Measures to Protect Information Processes in Ukraine

August 07, 2004 Russia: Department K against Udmurt hackers

August 06, 2004 Cyberterrorism: terrorism of the 21st century

August 05, 2004 FBI publishes computer crime and security stats

August 05, 2004 Vostok Media was attacked by hackers

August 05, 2004 How Al Qaeda uses the Internet

August 04, 2004 Al-Qaeda computer whizz was top terror planner

August 04, 2004 Google is hackers' favourite

August 03, 2004 Ukraine: Hackers arrested

August 03, 2004 Child porn

August 02, 2004 Al Qaeda prepares a new attack on NY

August 02, 2004 Internet Fraud

August 02, 2004 Ukraine: losses from viruses surge

August 02, 2004 Al-Qaeda engineer held in Pak was source for US terror threat

August 02, 2004 Hacker Philosopher

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