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Governmental Measures to Protect Information Processes in Ukraine

Date: August 09, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Victor Sabadash

The whole situation in the national information field of Ukraine and maintenance of its security turns into a threat to the national security of the country. We ask a question: Who is responsible for the unsatisfactory situation in this sphere that doesn't meet the interests of citizen, society and country and even gets threatening trends in some directions?

Leonid Kuchma, The President of Ukraine noted that improvement of the situation in the information sphere of the country requires a complex of measures:
- regulation of structure and functions of governmental agencies that shape information policy of the country and maintain corresponding security in the information sphere;
- maintenance of steadfast observation of legal rules by all governmental authorities, mass media, other objects of the information sphere;
- creation of the entire legal field to regulate the development of the national information space and corresponding up-to-date technologies, companies' activities, observance of individual, social and the country's information rights;
- reinforcement of the country's role as an equal and competitive player in the field of information relations, as a manufacturer and consumer of information product on the internal and external information space;
- reform of the information activity of governmental authorities directed at adapting and utilization of the newest information technologies;
- creation of the effective system of information protection, counteraction to foreign information expansion and definite information operations aimed to undermine Ukrainian sovereignty, political and social institutes in the country;
- further development of the national information market on the competition basis, creation of favorable investment climate for the development of national mass media and publishing;
- elaboration of the Information Code and National informational policy integration strategy;
- non-admission of information markets monopolization, further liberalization of the Ukrainian telecommunications market under guarantee of realization of national interests.

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