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Singapore to implement national anti-terrorism strategy

Date: August 21, 2004
Source: Channel News Asia
By: Yvonne Gomez

Dr Tony Tan has said that he plans to give priority to implementing a national terrorism strategy during his tenure as Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister

Dr Tan, who is also Coordinating Minister for Security and Defence, plans to get the new National Security Coordination Secretariat up and running before he retires from the Cabinet around the middle of next year.

For more on the threat of terrorism to Singapore, Yvonne Gomez spoke to Dr Rohan Gunaratna from the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies in Singapore.

Unless Singapore invests in a sustained way, to bring all branches of government together and have a unified approach against terrorism, the threat of terrorism will remain significant. You can reduce the threat by developing programmes and projects that would ensure that various government organizations work together, and you have a common approach to security. By creating this institution in the Prime Minister's Office, what we've seen is that - the home ministry, defence ministry, the information ministry and the education ministry - all these organizations will be able to develop a common approach towards the problem of terrorism. Today, terrorism is a significant threat. It is not only a law and order problem, or a public nuisance. Therefore, it is important to coordinate the efforts of all branches of government. I believe that the current thrust will enable the government to do that effectively.Singapore to implement national anti-terrorism strategy

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