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Should your provider block access to websites containing child porn?

Date: August 20, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Polls held in European countries show that lately, so many paedophilia-related scandals have shaken Europe that most citizens vote for toughening penalties for juvenile molesters...

However, in opinion of experts, paedophiles earn on scenes with violence and killings more than 3bn EUR in Europe. According to the Interpol, main suppliers of such materials are Taiwan, Vietnam, Ukraine and Russia.

Almost all mass media reported of the recent exposure of a fake "model agency" producing and distributing child porn in Kiev, Ukraine. In Ukraine cases like this have never been registered before, though similar offences were investigated earlier.

Computer Crime Research Center has recently carried out an online poll of English speaking and Russian speaking audience asking, "Should your ISP block access to child porn websites?" on both Russian and English website versions.

As appeared, less than a half of interrogated Russian speakers voted "Definitely yes" - 49.57%, while 66.95% of English speaking respondents agreed with that on the English website.

37.32$ Russians surveyed "No, they shouldn't", it makes almost two times of 20.16% of English speaking audience who disagreed that ISP should suppress access to child porn websites.

9.12 per cent of the Russian segment thought that "it's technically impossible", while 8.8% English-speaking agreed with them too.

3.99 and 4.0 per cent accordingly felt indifferent to the problem saying "Who cares". The total of 351 and 131 surveyed correspondingly among Russian and English speaking visitors of our websites.

Can this gap in opinions between Russian and English speaking segments be explained by the fact that Russians are more interested in child porn..? CCRC experts believe that different level of computerization of CIS and Western countries is the main reason of this gap. Foregoing studies showed that the majority of CIS citizens use the Internet not for work but for fun. Thus, the survey actually represented a contest between Russian respondents who do like sexual entertainment on the Web and people who sympathize with the problem of online child porn and abuse of juvenile, and, luckily the last outnumbered porn lovers.

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