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Hacker Philosopher

Date: August 02, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Andrew Brandt

Richard Thieme, author of the new book Islands in the Clickstream: Reflections on Life in a Virtual World, is greeted by Stanford law professor and cybercriminal defense attorney Jennifer Granick. Thieme, a former priest and regular Blackhat attendee, "teaches hackers to think like philosophers," according to Sol Tzvi, a Microsoft security expert.

Granick presented a session Wednesday titled "Legal Liability and Security Incident Investigation," which gave a legal overview to the techniques security experts might use to investigate a suspected cybercrime. Attendance in Granick's session was so great, some attendees near the back of the room where the talk was held nearly came to blows when more people tried to crowd into the room, which was already filled beyond capacity.

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