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Top copyright violators

Date: August 30, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

International Federation of Fonographic Industry announced a regular report devoted to commercial piracy issues. Report claims that all taken measures to fight producers and distributors of illicit compact disks are not enough. Today the share of pirated CDs amounts to 35% and total damage brought to the industry is evaluated to be $4,5bn for the last year.

Truth to tell, the IFPI report shows positive moments too. Experts believe that paces of piracy industry growth have slightly slowed down. They bring in such statistics: while in 2000 each fifth CD was pirated, now it's each third. In 2003 growth tempo have been the lowest for the last four years -- only 4%, while in 2002 it was 14%.

Brazil, China, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Thailand and Ukraine are the leading countries in the list of top piracy producers, where the biggest part of illegal CDs falls on China ($600mn annually) and Russia ($330mn). A special concern is focused on Ukraine.

The IFPI recommends the government of Ukraine to toughen penalties for violating copyrights. It is especially important, taking into consideration that Verhovna Rada hasn't introduced amendments to the law regulating production of compact disks heretofore. At the same time, according to the annual piracy report published by IFPI, Ukraine again appeared in the top 10 countries where wholesale anti-piracy offensives are most urgently needed.

However, IFPI's report positively evaluated attempts of Ukrainian police to fight illegal production sales. Although, these measures against counterfeit production spreaders were named "inadequate". The main reason for Ukraine here, is the huge inflow of illegal music production that comes from Russia: Ukrainian customs officials do not block deliveries of forged production.

The piracy market of compact disks in Ukraine is estimated to an amount of $42mn.

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