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computer crime, Internet fraud and cyber terrorism

January 2004
  1. Hacker breaks into e-voting firm's site
  2. HCC breaks ground with new tech security degree
  3. Visions of '04 start at the digital kiosk
  4. Arab interior ministers mull measures to rein in terrorism
  5. Fraud crackdown highlights fears over booking trips on Web
  6. It's a crime not to cooperate
  7. Anti-terror plan
  8. Crime Does Pay Gamer Wins TCSLA Promo
  9. 'Helpful' Hacker Readies Guilty Plea
  10. Feds thwart extortion plot against Best Buy
  11. Cyber crime against woman
  12. Staff are 'biggest cyber-criminals'
  13. HCC breaks ground with new tech security degree
  14. Asean ministers seek stronger security links
  15. Hacker pleads guilty in N.Y. Times case
  16. Hackers hit local sites
  17. Email scam targets Westpac
  18. Spam Keeps Coming, but Its Senders Are Wary
  19. Despite 9/11, 'Citizen Complacency' A Threat
  20. Ukraine: a new unit for fighting credit cards crimes
  21. Scam targets internet bank accounts
  22. State is at risk for attacks, report says
  23. Lamo pleads guilty
  24. Hackers vandalise 45 South African websites
  25. Putting security first
  26. EKU grad to discuss cyberterrorism
  27. Police arrest student for theft, fraud
  28. Paedophiles take advantage of Internet
  29. Three men arrested for plastic card fraud in Odessa, Ukraine
  30. South Korea probes North Korea's cyber-casino
  31. Scientists discuss ways to fight terror
  32. The Colony resident victim of Internet fraud, trend growing
  33. Spam About WinXP Patch Contains Trojan Horse
  34. Is Jack Trawick Still A ... Menace To Society?
  35. APD Introduces New Weapon Against Crime
  36. Fighting terror is a digital affair
  37. Online crime charges denied
  38. Tulsa Police's Cybercrime Tip of the Week
  39. Report: IP networks easy prey for cyberattackers
  40. Jack Trawick:'A how-to guide for committing murder'
  41. Taking a byte out of crime
  43. No More Games of Cops & Robbers
  44. Crime rate drops 3% in Jackson
  45. Police introduce anti-cyber crime system
  46. Thought for the day: Better safe than sorry
  47. Authorities strike out at cyber crime
  48. Cybercafe monitoring plan
  49. Police surf Net to nab sex predators
  50. Pedophile avoids penalty despite having porn on computer
  51. Bush Pushes Plan to Permit Internet Surveillance
  52. Secret cyber-terror test is now revealed
  53. Internet safety 'should be treated like road safety'
  54. Deregulation, security ideologies clash
  55. IComputer Q&A: Web scams proliferating, demand vigilance
  56. Online fraud a growing problem
  57. Court indicts 'Blaster' virus creator
  58. Keep killers off the Internet
  59. Killer's online taunts prompt victim's mom to sue
  60. ID fraud on the up
  61. Use caution in Internet transactions
  62. FBI expands effort to find pedophiles online
  63. India's cybercafe cops make a meal of net crackdown
  64. Online fraud, ID theft soars
  65. Summary of WAAF Second International Conference
  66. Teen charged in Internet fraud case
  67. Consumer Alert: SBC Customers Warned To Protect Against Newest Online Scam Designed To Steal Consumer Identity
  68. Maxim Vysochanski agreed to extradition in the USA
  69. Computer virus unleashed against IT company
  70. US government plans cyberalert system
  71. Internet terrorism fears as virus hits
  72. Internet providers fight off infection
  73. Engineer held for harassing woman colleague
  74. Utah firm's Web site in e-worm's cross hairs
  75. U.S. rolls out cyberattack warning system
  76. Homeland Security Official Asks For Great Lakes Shippers' Help
  77. National system to alert for viruses
  78. Man indicted on child porn charges
  79. Net Crime Hits Gambling Sites on Super Bowl Eve
  80. Russia: cyber crime doubled in 2003

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