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Three men arrested for plastic card fraud in Odessa, Ukraine

By Dmitri Kramarenko
Date: January 13, 2004

Last weekend in Odessa, Ukraine, officers of Organized Crime Department arrested three young men attempting to illegally withdraw big sum of money from ATM using counterfeit plastic cards.

According to initial data, malefactors repeatedly withdrew big sums from accounts by using access to accounts of one of foreign banks, having stolen more than half million USD. “Hackers” withdrew 10-40 thousand USD from accounts of their victims per one time. A criminal case was initiated by fact of fraud. 61 counterfeit cards, 135 blanks, more than 20 thousand USD and more than 20 thousand UAH were seized from swindlers during search. Besides law enforcement seized a device designed for plotting information to magnetic streaks of the cards.

All victim depositors are foreign residents, though law enforcement has not yet estimated the exact number of victims. It is most likely to be tens.

Crimes related to counterfeit plastic cards use are not so wide spread in our country as in foreign countries. According to experts of the company that installs and serves ATMs operation in Ukraine, bank cards counterfeit is a sphere of mainly organized groups, acting in agreement with employees of trade and service companies (waiters, porters, etc.), i.e. people that have direct access to cards, owners identities and other data. However, information leakage from banks is not excluded. There is specialized software designed for protecting clients from these swindlers. For example banks take into account usual behavior of the card owner. In case when his card is used from the ATM in the other city or region for big sum withdrawal, bank employees contact the owner for confirmation of this operation lawfulness.

Nevertheless, law enforcement forecast the further increase in crimes with plastic cards: home criminals are establishing channels of stolen or lost cards inflow in Ukraine.

Computer Crime Research Center

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