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Authorities strike out at cyber crime

Central News Agency
Source: E Taiwan News
Date: January 20, 2004

In its first nationwide operation to crack down on cyber crime, the Criminal Investigation Bureau has arrested over a dozen website users engaged in a kaleidoscopic of illicit activities online.

In their first sweeping operation aimed at Internet users in Keelung, Taipei, Shihlin, Panchiao and Taichung, investigators from the CIB's 9th Investigative Team arrested 14 people on charges ranging from running organized crime rings and marketing firearms, to soliciting young men and women to join criminal gangs.

According to team leader Lee Hsiang-chen, more than 10 "website families, " including "Leitang.com," "the Gangland Encyclopedia," and "the Underworld Club," were discovered to be criminal organizations which had been pushing drugs and firearms, as well as soliciting new members.

Among the 14 people apprehended, one was a young woman, surnamed Hsu, who runs an ICQ club for chatting about criminal underworld figures and related business. Hsu is also an English teacher at a cram school, according to Lee.

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