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Police arrest student for theft, fraud

By Abby Gustus
Source: The Exponent online
Date: January 13, 2004

Over the weekend, Purdue police arrested a student on preliminary charges of alleged use of the Internet to commit fraud and theft.

Some students are worried.
Brianna Ebervein, junior in the School of Education, said "Credit card theft makes me concerned, because it seems so easy to get away with. Although, it doesnít concern me as much as other people probably, because I donít tend to shop online."

Other students have been affected by identification theft personally.
Dave Lee, senior in the School of Technology, says he is much more careful now and is a huge advocate of privacy.

"People need to be more aware of the problem. The problem is out of hand, because computers and technology make it so easy," said Lee.
The solution is people need to take precautions when using the Internet to make credit card purchases, said Steve Dietrich, interim chief of Purdue police. He said make sure the site being used is secure and avoid dealing with unauthorized persons.

Joe Bennett, vice president for University relations, said the Purdue student who was arrested set herself up with a Web site to serve as a buying agent. Bennett said she would claim she could buy items for a better price and people would buy through her.
"Then she would proceed to buy things for herself," said Bennett

Rida A. Choudary, building 28 Tower Drive, was arrested in her apartment by Purdue police and taken to Tippecanoe County Jail Saturday evening.
Choudary was released three hours after the initial arrest, said corrections officer Onix Aviles.

The fraud amounts to an excess of $2,500, but the investigators are still coming up with the final numbers, said Cox.
Investigators seized a laptop computer, clothing, shoes and other items in her apartment in order to further the investigation.
The evidence is being held until it can be returned to the rightful owner or a court order is available.

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