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Cyber crime against woman

By Vibhor Mohan
Source: ChandigarhNewsline
Date: January 08, 2004

But the ICT technology also has a gloomy side to it, pointed out Prof Vijay Rattan of Panjab University. ‘‘Cyber violence against women is on the rise and there is a need to review the Information Technology Act, 2000 and include cyber-harassment and cyber-exploitation in it,’’ he opined. Prof Rattan also sought review and amendments in the National Policy for the Empowerment of Women to specifically include the threat of violence against women. Also, he said, police should be given more authority to enforce provisions of the IT Act.

‘‘The new cyber crime of cyber-violence against women, including cyber stalking, e-mail harassment and using internet to publish obscene information to exploit or embarrass women is taking alarming proportions,’’ he said. At this point, it is worth noting that warning signals had been sounded in 2000 by ‘Outcome Document’ of Beijing +5 on all forms of economic and sexual exploitation, added Tripathi. ‘‘Studies have shown that about 60 per cent of all websites have sexual content. 25 per cent of them solicit their visitors. Nearly 13 per cent of surfers go to these sites voluntarily, the rest are lured pictorially. An estimated revenue of $ 1 billion is generated annually,’’ said Prof Rattan.The increasing popularity of chat rooms and vulnerability of personal data to criminal access makes women and children soft targets for a range of culpable crimes, he added.

The paper, which has special references to cyber violence against women in the 21st century was jointly presented by Prof Vijay Rattan and Jyoti Rattan, a senior research fellow in the PU Department of Laws

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