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Crime Does Pay Gamer Wins TCSLA Promo

Date: January 06, 2004

Sean Lindsay, from the Central Coast in NSW, is the grand prize winner of Activision Asia Pacific's True Crime: Streets of L.A. website promotion and is eligible to take a trip for two to Los Angeles, CA to see the very streets that inspired the game.

Sean was selected as the grand prize winner when he answered the following question using 25 words or less: “If you had 30 minutes alone with an apprehended True Crime hood, how would you teach them a "lesson" they would never forget?”

Sean's response: “With a recipe from Kang's Cookbook: Take one True Crime hood Beat until senseless Whip with pistols Grill, then leave to stew Serve with evidence.”

Sean's response was inspired by the Crime Cookbook section of the True Crime: Streets of L.A. website. Sean revealed, “My wife and I started thinking of things to do with recipes that could also be done on a criminal!”

A few days before the competition was drawn, Sean and his wife Terri were playing True Crime: Streets of L.A., and discussing a future trip to L.A. “We thought we could use the game to help familiarise ourselves with L.A. We never thought we'd be taking that trip so soon!” said Sean, who will soon be walking the streets of L.A. with his wife. The couple married two months ago and plan to use the trip to celebrate their first anniversary. It is a story to bring a smile to even Nick Kang's face.

Other great prizes that were available as part of the True Crime Street's of L.A. website promotion include a $1,000 Mossimo wardrobe, Sony Ericcson T301 mobile phones, Panasonic portable CD players, copies of True Crime: Streets of L.A., subscriptions to the Official Australian PlayStation®2 Magazine, Official Australian Xbox Magazine and Ministry magazine, DVDs from Columbia Tri-Star and CDs from Universal Music.

Activision Asia-Pacific marketing director, Paul Butcher, said, “What we enjoyed most about developing the True Crime website promotion was the opportunity it gave us to allow local audiences to interact with the game and bring it to life. Activision is thrilled with the overwhelming response to this competition – the first we've designed specifically for the Australian market.”

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