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computer crime, Internet fraud and cyber terrorism

April 2004
  1. Ukrainian government to shift state institutions to legal software
  2. 100 people arrested on a charge of child porn
  3. Criminals go in the Internet
  4. Computer crimes in Ukraine
  5. Ukrainian system of criminal investigation in the action
  6. Computer Internet Crime 2004
  7. The price for security
  8. Ukrainian hacker Maxim Kovalchuk appeared in the court
  9. $2M from nothing
  10. CCRC competition summary
  11. Maxim Kovalchuck wil be out on bail
  12. Ukraine: a reliable partner in fighting cyberterrorism and money laundering
  13. Russia: Insult in the Internet
  14. International Cybercrime Conference 2004
  15. Cyber Terrorism : The new kind of Terrorism
  16. Card frauds: geography of crimes
  17. Ukraine: Legal Control of Use of Internet Technologies
  18. Terrorism and high technologies
  19. Russia: all to fight cyber terrorism!
  20. Phishing Scams: Statistics from mi2gIntelligence Unit
  21. Computer crime classification
  22. Spammer business on the rise
  23. Victims of cyber crime
  24. What is cyber-terrorism?
  25. Internet crimes and security
  26. Ukraine: an ordered through the Internet murder was prevented
  27. Internet terrorism: a new menace of the 21 century
  28. Passwords revealed by sweet deal
  29. Phishers using smarter hooks
  30. Ukrainian law enforcement to fight high tech crimes
  31. Child porn remains on the Internet
  32. Beware: traps on the Net
  33. Microsoft joins the fight against Internet paedophilia
  34. Moscow: hacker's soft is sold in the street
  35. Ukraine: hackers school
  36. U.S. Considering Ratifying Cybercrime Treaty
  37. Hack + activism = hacktivism
  38. Holograms to help security
  39. Internet and security

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