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computer crime, Internet fraud and cyber terrorism

March 2004
  1. Plastic criminality part3
  2. 10 000 child porn photos = 50 years of jail
  3. Level of computer piracy in Ukraine goes down
  4. New fraud in the Internet
  5. Experts forecast increase in information security market
  6. Child sex abuse back in focus
  7. Letter from the eastern front
  8. More than 100 000 websites with child porn
  9. UIA will prevent offence in the Internet
  10. Hacker attacks on Presidential elections
  11. Ukrainian government to shift state institutions to legal software
  12. Ukrainian pirates arrested
  13. Two Russian students arrested for threatening CIA
  14. Internet is a target for terrorists
  15. Arrested for distributing child porn over the Internet
  16. Internet: hacker war
  17. Novarg/MyDooM: total damage increases
  18. 50% of porn sites come from former USSR
  19. Sniffing out computer crime
  20. Computer Crime & Organised Crime
  21. Cyber terrorism: myth or reality?
  22. Internet fraud: volumes are increasing
  23. How much do computer viruses cost?
  24. Worms will be $245 million worth for ISP in the USA
  25. Computer crime: information for consideration
  26. Hacker versus auditor
  27. Spam: regular users perspective
  28. Hackers and web stores
  29. Computer crime and cyber terrorism
  30. Russia: computer crimes statistics
  31. Scams and cybercrime
  32. Russian hacker under arrest
  33. Hackers voted in their own way
  34. Computer crime at workplace
  35. Hackers: interview with a Ghost
  36. The largest bank of Estonia under hacker attack
  37. Australia ranks fifth in hacking
  38. EBay encounters more Internet frauds
  39. Internet fraud: little tricks and large losses
  40. Computer crimes fade into the background
  41. Cyber terrorism suspects will be detained for 30 days in Russia
  42. Russia: increase of credit card frauds
  43. Germany: largest hacker crack down operation ever held
  44. Child porn industry may reach $6 billion in 2004
  45. The Convention on Cybercrime will come into effect on 1 July next year
  46. Hamas has chosen Russia
  47. Cyberpolice website is created
  48. Caravan denies implication in international terrorism
  49. Computer crimes review
  50. Some trends of computer crime in Russia
  51. Internet as an instrument of cyber crime
  52. Cyber-squatters still operate
  53. A 23-year-old man hacked Russian enterprises
  54. Romanian hacker is on trial
  55. Ukrainian hacker has been extradited to U.S. Government
  56. Israeli hackers attack Islamic portal
  57. Computer Crime and Cyber Terrorism focus of seminar
  58. Carders again
  59. Credit card frauds
  60. Cybercrime to threat the national security of Russia

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