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Arab interior ministers mull measures to rein in terrorism

Source: Times Of Oman
Date: January 05, 2004

TUNIS — Interior ministers from Arab countries met here yesterday to draw up guidelines for a document designed to rein in cross-border organised crime and terrorism. Representing the Sultanate of Oman, Interior Minister Sayyid Saud bin Ibrahim Al Busaidi is attending the 21st session of the Arab interior ministers' council.

The ministers were also expected to work on a draft law to address the new offenses of cybercrime.

The fight against drug and human trafficking was also on the ministers' two-day agenda.

"The terror issue has priority” because of the serious consequences for "the security, stability and understanding in the world in general and in our Arab region in particular," said Tunisian President Zine El Abidine ben Ali in an address read out by his Interior Minister Hedi M'Henni.

"Tunisia condemns terrorist acts committed recently in some parts of the world as well as the perpetrators' contempt for noble human values," he added.

Ben Ali said they had caused “huge damage to Islam, our fine religion which is based on dialogue, fairness, moderation and tolerance".

He called on Arab interior ministers to cooperate further so that their countries can "meet the various challenges to their security and especially those linked to terrorism, within international law."

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, the council's honorary president, called "terrorist violence" the greatest threat to Arab security and said it must also be fought at the societal level.— AFP

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