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Russia: cyber crime doubled in 2003

Date: January 30, 2004
By Timofey Saytarly

According to Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs cyber crime doubled in 2003 and exceeded 11 000 reported cases. The high rate of cyber crime growth testifies the success of criminals in familiarization new means of cyber crime committing. The most developed cyber crimes in Russia are the fallowing: illegal access to computer information, distribution of pirated software, cyber attacks on financial bodies.

Russian hackers prefer the last of these crimes. The aim of cyber attacks are financial organizations: banks, Investment Companies, etc. And the appearance of new computer worm Novarg/MyDoom approves Russian hackers are in action^; Russian hackers are the main suspected in development of this worm. The virus distribution has been planed to impact as much as possible computers all over the world.

The same difficulties are in telecommunication system. “Cyber crimes in telecommunications increased 39 % last year”, - Head of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, Boris Miroshnikov, said. The criminal priorities in this sphere are falsification of cell phones number and illegal installation of computerized branch exchange.

According to Mr. Miroshnikov the number of reports to law enforcement on cyber crimes increased. The results of prosecution of cyber crime in Russia show that 90% of 11,000 cases have been brought to a court.

Computer Crime Research Center

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