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No More Games of Cops & Robbers

By Denise Alex
Source: WTAP News
Date: January 17, 2004

Police say 36-year-old Eugene Golden of Parkersburg is tied into computer crime in Texas and possibly New York. Now, federal agents could be taking on the case.
Wood County detectives are investigating a slew of internet fraud complaints involved Eugene Golden.

Wednesday night Golden was arrested by Parkersburg Police for allegedly robbing the Community Bank on Emerson Avenue.

Authorities say Golden posted a threatening note on the teller's window, made her hand over $21,000, and then took off in his car.

Moments later he retuned taking down the note and officers soon apprehended him. Golden is being held in jail on a $50,000 bond on the bank robbery charge.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is expected to take over the multi-state internet fraud case.

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