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Email scam targets Westpac

Source: ABC News Online
Date: January 09, 2004

Internet banking users have been warned of a sophisticated scam targeting Westpac bank customers.
The federal Member for Denison, Duncan Kerr, says random email messages have been sent out claiming to be from the Westpac Banking Corporation.
Mr Kerr says the sophisticated nature of the scam raises concerns about increasingly credible but fraudulent transactions.

He says he has contacted the Australian Federal Police to investigate the scam but more needs to be done to educate the community.

"It's one of those things that I think people try and push under the carpet," he said.

"Too often nobody wants to talk about the dangers to Internet banking and the way in which you can be ripped off because it will frighten people.

"But if we don't have real community eduction making people aware then a lot of vulnerable individuals will get caught."

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