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News 2004-07

July 31, 2004 German banks experience a sudden upsurge of computer crime

July 30, 2004 Russian computer crime statistics

July 30, 2004 An Indiana teenager runs away with adult from Nevada she met on the Internet

July 29, 2004 Internet Attack Targets DoubleClick

July 29, 2004 A Ukrainian child porn ring exposed

The studio for shooting porn was rented in the centre of Kiev, police officers informed...

July 29, 2004 Law enforcement tackling computer crime

July 29, 2004 Russian hacker blackmailed gambling companies

July 28, 2004 Bank issues warning of internet fraud scam

July 28, 2004 Child porn: The troubled past of James Perry

July 27, 2004 A Russian response to Osama Bin Laden virus

July 27, 2004 Al Qaeda in cyber space: threats of cyberterrorism

July 27, 2004 Hacker's Osama bin Laden Hoax Terrorizes Computers

July 26, 2004 From Robert Morris through Osama Bin Laden

July 26, 2004 Serial rapist-paedophile placed videos of his rapes on the Net

July 26, 2004 Your Opinion: Should Your Internet Service Provider Block Child Pornography Websites?

Should Your Internet Service Provider Block Child Pornography Websites...

July 26, 2004 Waianae man sentenced to month in jail for Internet crime

A Waianae man was sentenced to one month in jail and five years on probation for using the Internet to try and arrange a sexual encounter with a minor...

July 24, 2004 Piracy passions

July 23, 2004 New Virginia strike force to prosecute cybercrime

July 23, 2004 Cyber blackmailers are nabbed in Russia

July 22, 2004 Internet Extortion Foiled

Hard-pressed police forces have scored a significant victory in the battle against Internet crime by smashing a Russian extortion racket preying on British businesses and betting web sites...

July 22, 2004 Microsoft to help FBI track cybercrime phelons down

July 22, 2004 Man forced to plead guilty to possessing child porn

July 21, 2004 The new face of cybercrime

July 21, 2004 PHRACK #62 has been released !


July 21, 2004 British Telecom Technology Blocks Online Pornography

July 21, 2004 Odessa carders are still under investigation

July 20, 2004 Cyberterrorism: fear factor

July 20, 2004 New breed of cyber criminals

July 19, 2004 Ukraine to protect children from porn

July 17, 2004 Patriot Act used to investigate and convict couple in child pornography case

July 16, 2004 Russian piracy inflicts $1 billion damage

July 16, 2004 Problems of Combating Computer Crimes and Cyber Terrorism

July 15, 2004 Child porn case: city manager charged

July 15, 2004 Fighting cyberterrorism: expert's opinion

July 15, 2004 Police arrest 45 over child porn

July 14, 2004 Five million emails take down website...

July 14, 2004 JonBenet Ramsey - Exclusive Interview With Stephen Singular

July 14, 2004 Computer crimes in Ukraine

According to the Information Technologies Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, 6% of total computer crimes...

July 13, 2004 SMS spoofing - new lingo in cybercrime

July 13, 2004 Chinese hackers advertise made-to-order virus service

July 13, 2004 Alleged hacker is Microsoft insider

July 13, 2004 Computer crime: expert's opinion

Founded in 2001, the Computer Crime Research Center (CCRC) is an independent institute to research cyber crime, cyber terrorism...

July 12, 2004 Nebraska man arrested and charged with the manufacture of child pornography

July 12, 2004 Russia is going to outlaw spam

July 10, 2004 South Korea to create unit fighting cybercrime

July 09, 2004 Spam on the rise

July 08, 2004 Sexual abuse online

July 07, 2004 Great Britain: A new law on cybercrime is being elaborated

July 06, 2004 San Jose Police Seek Help in Identifying Perp

July 05, 2004 Russian police rounds up an organized criminal group

July 05, 2004 Spanish police: beware of lottery scam

July 04, 2004 Enforcement is key to fighting cybercrime

July 03, 2004 Computer crime laws need updating

July 02, 2004 Supreme Court Says Porn Law Likely Violates First Amendment

July 01, 2004 FBI opens new computer crime lab

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