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An Indiana teenager runs away with adult from Nevada she met on the Internet

Date: July 30, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Robert T DeMarco

This story is must reading for parents and includes a description of good detective work and use of the Amber Alert.

Extended Entry

This story is must reading for parents.

Editor note: The following story illustrates how an adult sexual predator used the Internet to entice a teenage girl to run away and have sex with him.  Thirty year old, Sidney C. Moreno, of Reno, Nev, used the Internet to convinced a 14 year old girl from Indiana to run away with him and have sex.  When the 14 year old Indiana girl was finally located in Utah, she had $5,000 in cash taken from her father's safe, and, the hard drive from her computer.  Read the story to learn how good detective work lead to the arrest of the perpetrator and the location of the girl.

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