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Chinese hackers advertise made-to-order virus service

Date: July 13, 2004
Source: Interfax

Rising, one of China's leading anti-virus software firms, recently discovered that Chinese hackers had opened a new website offering a made-to-order virus service, Rising PR official Lu Lan told Interfax.

Although it is not uncommon for hackers to custom make viruses for a price, such services have never before been advertised so openly. This newly discovered website contains a scrolling advertisement that offers to create a new virus capable of bypassing security systems for RMB 100-200 (USD 12.08-24.15). Lu explained, however, that the hackers were not creating new virus, but were instead actually upgrading existing viruses so that they would be capable of sidestepping anti-virus applications. The advertisement asks interested parties to contact the hackers via their QQ instant messaging service account.

"The service offered on this new hacking website is not a new service in China," Lu said. "However, what makes it special is that we have never seen anyone so blatantly advertise this sort of service before. Obviously, custom-making viruses is illegal in China. Whoever is behind this should be punished according to the law."

Rising immediately reported the website to China's Ministry of Public Security, which has already begun an investigation into the situation. Meanwhile, officials have already blocked the website, although Interfax could not confirm this information as the address of this website has been made strictly confidential by the Ministry of Public Security.

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