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Enforcement is key to fighting cybercrime

Date: July 04, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: John Leyden

The publication of a review of Britain's cybercrime laws by an influential group of MPs and peers this week has been welcomed by the IT industry. Broad agreement with the All Party Internet Group's (APIG) conclusion that the Computer Misuse Act 1990 needs only minor reforms have been matched with widespread calls for tougher enforcement action against cybercriminals.

APIG concluded that the CMA had stood the test of time well. Although written before widespread use of the Internet its provisions covered most cyber crimes just as the Theft Act, for example, covers the theft of mobile phones and other devices not even dreamt of by the legislators who drafted that law. APIG limited its recommendation to the introduction of a specific new "denial of service" offence - a grey area in the current law - and tougher sentences for hackers convicted under Section One of the Act. MPs would also like to see steps to encourage private prosecutions of cybercrime offences.

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